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Maple & Sweet Potato Flavour - new!

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Maple & Sweet Potato Flavour - new!

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The rich flavour of maple syrup with the delicious taste of sweet potatoes in a new gluten free snack bar. Introducing NEW Enjoy Life Foods Maple & Sweet Potato Flavour Grain & Seed Bars—free from 14 allergens as well as gluten and palm oil. Enjoy the flavours of fall with plant-based protein, three textures of sorghum and purity protocol certified gluten-free oats wrapped up in a delicious vegan bar. Each box contains five 28 g bars.

Our Products are free from
Gluten and...
  • Wheat / Blé
  • Peanuts / Arachides
  • Tree nuts / Noix variées
  • Milk / Lait
  • casein / caséine
  • Soy / Soya
  • Egg / Oeuf
  • Sesame / Sésame
  • Sulfites / Sulfites
  • lupin / lupin
  • Mustard / Moutarde
  • Fish / Poisson
  • Shellfish / Mollusques
  • Crustaceans / Crustacés

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